What is vertebroplasty?
Vertebroplasty is a new technique wherein specialised bone cement is injected with help of needles into vertebrae.

In which patients is this procedure indicated?
This procedure is indicated in osteoporotic vertebral fractures and metastases from tumours into vertebral column.

When should this procedure be performed following osteoporotic vertebral fractures?
Osteoporotic fractures usually respond well to non-operative treatment including bracing, exercises, calcium supplements and anti-resorptive drugs. Only a small group of patients who have ongoing pain following conservative treatment are suitable candidates for vertebroplasty

How does vertebroplasty help in relieving pain?
Vertebroplasty strengthens bone and burns the nerve endings thereby relieving pain

Is this procedure performed under local or general anesthesia?
This procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia with sedation. If patient has difficulty in lying on stomach due to pain a general anesthetic may be used.

How many days the patient needs to stay following this procedure?
The procedure can be performed as a day care procedure. The patient may need to stay in hospital for a night if there are medical problems.

How many days patient has to stay in bed following the procedure?
Patient need not stay in bed and can mobilize after the procedure.

What are the possible risks following the procedure?
The risk following this procedure includes infection, embolism and neurological problems due to extravasation of cement. However the incidence of these complications is very small.