What is fusion?
Fusion is a surgical procedure in which vertebrae are converted into a single block thereby preventing motion between the vertebrae.

How is fusion achieved?
Fusion is achieved by dissecting the soft tissue from vertebrae so that bone is exposed. Copious amounts of grafts are used. Stabilisation is provided by using spinal implants.

What are different methods of fusion?
Fusion can be performed either from behind which is called posterolateral fusion. If the grafts are place in between the vertebrae as well it is called interbody fusion.

From where does the surgeon obtain graft for fusion?
Grafts are either taken from patients own iliac crest (pelvic bone) or from other patients, which is called allograft. Newer synthetic grafts are also available.

Do I need to lie in bed for weeks following fusion?
Patients are mobilized on 2nd or 3rd day following fusion. Bed rest is not    necessary following fusion

What restrictions do I need to follow after fusion?
Usually your surgeon will advise to avoid bending and squatting for a period of 6 weeks following fusion. A brace is advised following surgery.