What investigations are required before discectomy?
X-rays and MRI scan are needed before discectomy. MRI Scan helps to identify the location of disc prolapse and compressed nerve root. This has to correlate with clinical findings before recommending discectomy.

Is this procedure performed under local or general anesthesia?
This procedure can be performed under general anesthesia or regional anesthesia.

How many days is patient bed ridden following discectomy?
Patient can start mobilizing same day following surgery. Usually patient is discharged in a day or two once he is confident of walking without any aid.

What happens to the disc once it is removed?
Only the soft prolapsed part, which is causing problems and not serving any function, is removed during surgery. The outer annular part remains intact. The disc is not replaced with any tissue or metal. Post-operatively it is important to do exercises and undergo a rehabilitation programme to strength back muscles.

What risks patient needs to be aware of before undergoing discectomy?
The patient needs to be aware of complications such as infection, damage to nerve root and dura mater, which is the covering of nerves.

Can a patient get recurrence following discectomy?
It is possible to get recurrent symptoms at same level or at another level following discectomy.