Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF)

When is this surgery required?

This surgery is indicated either for cervical disc prolapse causing upper limb radiating pain not responding to conservative treatment. It is also indication for compression of spinal cord in the neck

Where is the scar of this surgery?

The scar is located in the front of the neck and is usually transverse. It is hardly visible.

What is done in this surgery?

The surgeon removes the compressing the disc between the vertebrae and removes pressure from the spinal cord and nerves. The intervening space is filled with graft harvested from iliac crest. Anterior instrumentation may be added.

How long do I need to take bed rest?

Patient is mobilized next day following surgery.

What precautions I need to take following this surgery?

Patient is advised to wear a collar usually for six weeks till graft heals.