Prevention is better than cure. Maintaining healthy lifestyle is essential to prevent spinal problems. Some tips include :

  • Regular exercises are important to maintain tone of the paraspinal muscles, especially the small muscles of back to prevent back pain.
  • Brisk walking and swimming are the best form of exercises. Repetitive fast movement helps in building tone
  • Exercises should be done in a relaxed manner, spending ample time rather than in a hurried manner.
  • Exercises involving twisting and forward bending should be avoided
  • Exercises should be accompanied with deep breathing.
  • Weight control is important aspect of prevention of back problems. Body Mass Index rather than weight is a better guide. This is calculated a s follows – BMI= Weight (kg)/ (Height in mtrs.)
    2 Ideal BMI < 25

Proper erect posture should be maintained to prevent wear and tear of spine

Wrong method of lifting weights

While getting up from bed turn to one side and get up.

While lifting heavy weights, one should bend from hips and knees, rather than spine.

Correct sitting posture

Lift weights close to the body rather than at a
distance. Distribute weight.

Distribute bags and carry them close to body

If symptoms of back pain is accompanied with leg pain or other symptoms such as fever, weight loss etc. one should consult a specialist.